Children's Ministries & Bible Institute

Children's Ministries

The Lord has blessed our church with many families who have children of school age or younger. Combined with our three bus routes, it's not uncommon for BABT to have more than 75 children in our Sunday School Department. On Sunday Mornings the ages are broken up into the following classes:

Sunday School Hour


Toddlers (2-3 year old)

Beginners (4-5 year old)

Primary (1st-2nd Grade)

Junior I (3rd-5th Grade)

Junior High (6th-8th Grade)

High School (9th-12th Grade) meets with the Adult Sunday School

Preaching Hour


Toddlers (2-3 year old)

Beginners (4-5 year old)

Jr. Church (1st-6th Grade)

Junior High and High School ages join the adults for the Morning Preaching Service

School Of The Scriptures

BABT takes training servants for Christ personally, and offers our own institute. Ordained Men train those who feel called into the ministry, and any who would like increase their knowledge of God's Word in Doctrine and Principle. The three years of training are broken up into the following course work:

Year One

Baptist Doctrine I & II

Baptist History I & II

Biblical Principles of Bible Study

History of the King James Bible

Exposing The Cults

Year Two

Baptist Doctrine III

Bible Prophecy I & II

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Bible Preaching

Year Three

Missions I & II

Life of Christ & Paul

Personal Evangelism

Baptist Church Policy

Pastoral Theology