Preaching The Gospel

In II Timothy 4:2, the Apostle Paul admonishes Timothy to "preach the word.' In fact, the entire charge is centered around Timothy's responsibility to proclaim the truth in its entirety. The emphasis of each service at Broken Arrow Baptist Temple is the preaching and teaching of God's Word. Godly music is a blessing; and worship surely includes the giving of tithes, offerings, and thanksgiving; but as Romans 10:14 explains " shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" To hear a powerful sermon on Christ's death on the cross click here.

Printing The Scriptures

We are blessed in American to have such easy access to God's Word. Many souls around the world are not so fortunate. Psalm 126:6 confirms a heart felt dedication to "Bearing Precious Seed" brings lost sheep into God's fold. Broken Arrow Baptist Temple has been printing and collating scriptures since 1997. The BPS Ministry currently produces booklets of John & Romans in Spanish and English. Our church desires to expand our language output and, Lord willing, print the entire King James Bible! To take a closer look at the BPS Ministry and to inquire about scripture availability click here.

Being A Witness

In an increasingly digital world, face-to-face communication has become somewhat of a novelty. Although technology can be useful in spreading God's Word, few methods are as effective as door-to-door visitation. In Mark 6:7, Jesus sent the disciples out "by two and two" and each Thursday evening the members of Broken Arrow Baptist Temple do the same. We canvas neighborhoods passing out gospel literature, extending an invitation to our services, and stirring people's hearts about their spiritual condition. To know more about the City of Broken Arrow and its communities click here.

Training Up Servants

From the wisest man who ever lived we learn Godly instruction begins early in life. "Train up a child," Solomon states in Proverbs 22:6. Broken Arrow Baptist Temple strives to reinforce the biblical teaching children receive in the home, at the church house on Sundays. There are classes for infancy through the 12th Grade during the Sunday School Hour, and classes for infancy though the 6th Grade during the Morning Preaching Service. BABT also offers the School Of The Scriptures for those called into full time service or who would like to study in a regimented, scholastic atmosphere. To learn more about our Children's Ministries or our Institute click here.

Bringing In Children

The gospels reveal the Lord's heart for children. In Luke 18:16, Jesus rebuked the disciples for turning children away! "Suffer little children to come unto me...for of such is the kingdom of Heaven," Christ said. Broken Arrow Baptist Temple has a heart to see children reached with the good news. A special Bus Visitation is held on Saturday Mornings to find children who's parents will allow them to attend our services. Each Sunday morning three different bus routes bring children to our church. BABT picks up children in Broken Arrow, East Tulsa, and Catoosa. To contact a Bus Captain about route details click here.

Taking In Young Men

Young people face unequaled amounts of peer pressure in this modern world today. Combined with a fallen nature, the influence of ungodly music, blasphemous movies, and graphic images on the internet are corrupting youth outside and inside the church. Broken Arrow Baptist Temple wants to minister to young men especially, as their leadership is paramount to the existence of our homes, churches, and nation. Crossroad Christian Boy's Academy will provide a secluded and structured environment for young men to learn God's principles. To read about the Lord's leading in starting a boy's home click here.